hbo interviewing asian american kids for heritage month documentary series

If you enjoyed HBO's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month documentary series East of Main Street, you'll be happy to know they've got another installment in the works for 2012.

This time they're trying something a little different: kids. Director Jonathan Yi and Co. are currently casting kids, ages 4-10, to be interviewed for the project. Here are some more details on they're doing and who they're looking for:
HBO is seeking Asian American children in the age range of 4-10 to be interviewed for their 2012 installment of their Asian Heritage documentary series, brought to you by the producers and director of HBO's "East of Main Street" that began in 2010.

If you have ever been around small children, you will know that they have as uncensored a view of life. They are wide-eyed, open, curious, and completely unjaded by life and what is "appropriate." They have not yet been exposed to the harsh realities of racism, sexism or discrimination. To quote Art Linkletter, "Kid say the darndest things."


HBO will interview a cross section of Asian American children ranging in age from 4-10 about everything from their heritage, what being Asian American means, how their grandparents differ, what sets them apart from other kids in their schools, religion, their foods, customs and what their hopes and dreams for the future are. The piece would be filled with humor, sweetness and poignancy and help highlight just how insightful and intelligent children really are.

This year, the production will hit the road and interview children in 3 different cities at the end of February.

One city will be New York, while the second will either be Los Angeles or San Francisco. The third city is yet to be determined, and will ideally be less metropolitan, to see a cross section of the Asian American experience.

If you'd like to enter your child as a candidate for the series, please upload a short sample clip of your child to a YouTube or Vimeo link and send it to asianheritage2012@gmail.com with a description of your family's background as well as the name of the city and state which you currently live.

Deadline for submission is January 31.
This has great potential to be really fun and sweet. Do you know an awesome Asian American kid who could take part in this project? I think I know a few. Spread the word. For further information, contact asianheritage2012@gmail.com. The deadline to submit is January 31.

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