job opportunity: program director, asian american writers' workshop

The Asian American Writers' Workshop, a national arts center dedicated to Asian American stories, is currently looking for a new Program Director in New York. Interested? Not so fast -- are you awesome enough?

The part-time position will need a dedicated book-lover who will curate, publicize and manage literary events and other programming initiatives that are "quirky, progressive and awesome." Here are some more details:
The Asian American Writers' Workshop is looking to hire a part-time Program Director to curate, publicize and manage literary events that are quirky, progressive, and (to use the jargon of postcolonial theory) awesome. You are an ambitious, logistical, organized lover of books who would like to build curatorial experience in a creative, progressive arts center. You will be responsible for curating and publicizing high-quality literary events centered around Asian American literature with the Executive Director.

You are an energetic, detail-oriented problem-solver who can process things quickly, solve crises, and make sure that things get done. You will help manage volunteers, build the Workshop's volunteer capacity, improve our administrative ability, and help maintain the routine operations of the organizations. You will also help us expand our programs: we want to both generate earned income and help transition our programming online via video and podcasts. This is a part-time three-day-a-week entry level position with benefits. Salary dependent on experience. Full-time is a possibility.
For further information about the position, including duties, qualifications and how to apply, go to the online form here. Applications will be prioritized in the order received. To learn more about the Asian American Writers' Workshop, go here.

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