orange county civic leadership development internship

Hey students! The Korean Resource Center in Los Angeles is looking for a Civic Leadership Development Intern who can work in Orange County and help facilitate a Civic Leadership Program for high school students. This program is not restricted to Korean speakers or Korean Americans.

This is an opportunity for AAPI students in Orange County to become involved in progressive civic engagement work through a unique program that merges campaign data-intensive voter engagement technique with the Korean Resource Center's grassroots model of community engagement. Here are some more details about the internship:
In order to empower the Korean American community, KRC is organizing a 12 week Civic Leadership Program (CLP) for high school students in Orange County. Students will learn about civic engagement and the Korean American community, and will learn to register voters, analyze voter data, and develop a data-driven voter outreach plan. At the end of the program, students will design and carry out a two-week voter engagement project. Students will gain invaluable experience in civic engagement, nonpartisan campaign building, teamwork, leadership, and community empowerment.

The intern will participate in, help design and lead the Civic Leadership Program. KRC will provide the intern with training in community organizing and leadership as well as training in cutting-edge, data-driven nonpartisan campaign and voter mobilization techniques.

Starting Date: February 2012

End Date: May 4, 2012

Expected commitment: 6-8 hours per week
The deadline to apply is Tuesday, January 24. I know there are some pretty dedicated, hard-working students out there who would be perfect for this internship. For further information, including qualifications, duties and responsibilities, go to the Korean Resource Center website here.

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