philharmonic performance silenced by ringing cell phone

Funny story out of the New York Philharmonic... This week, in the middle of a performance of Gustav Mahler's Ninth Symphony, somebody's cell phone starting ringing in the audience at the worst possible moment: Ringing tones of famed Philharmonic silenced by ringing cell phone.

Now, a cell phone ringing during an inappropriate moment is one of the truly frustrating faux pas of the modern age. In the wrong time and place, it makes you cringe. Repeated rings makes you want to punch someone. For conductor Alan Gilbert, the interruption was enough to stop the music:
New York Philharmonic conductor Alan Gilbert reacted to the intrusion by stopping the music. He didn't melodramatically fling his arms down; rather, he merely dropped his hands, which alerted the musicians to stop playing, according to Jo.

Then, the only sound in the great room was the "Marimba" ringtone of the cell phone, Jo said.

Gilbert turned his attention to the owner of the phone, who was seated on the front row, and asked, "Are you finished?"

When there was no reply, Gilbert said, "Fine, we'll wait," and placed his baton on his music stand, according to Jo.

After a few more rings, the phone was silenced.
A cell phone brings brings a symphony orchestra to a dead stop. Props to Gilbert, who handled the situation with quiet but firm dignity -- though if you ask me, he would have been well within his right to lose a little more of his shit.

When the situation calls for it, please turn off your damn cell phone. More here: Ringing Finally Ended, but There's No Button to Stop Shame.

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