racist ron paul supporter's video attacks jon huntsman's "un-american" values

It's an election year, so you know what time it is. Racist campaign ads!

This latest gem is from someone claiming to be a Ron Paul supporter, attacking Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman for his "un-American" values. His totally un-American crimes? Among other things, an ability to speak Mandarin and having adopted children from (gasp!) China and India.

Yup. Here we go with another round of equating China with all things evil. Complete with an extra Oriental soundtrack -- never has Mandarin made to sound so sinister. It's one of the most unabashedly racist attack ads we've seen in a while. Take a look:

Surprised they didn't throw in a gong sound to cap it off.

We live in ridiculous times. Something as innocuous as Asian family members and a command of a language other than English (something that might actually come in handy as the former U.S. ambassador to China) is enough to paint you up and down as "The Manchurian Candidate."

I've got no love for Huntsman, but this is some low-ass, sinister bullshit. It almost can't be real. The person(s) responsible call themselves "New Hampshire Liberty 4 Paul," which apparently has no official connections to Ron Paul or his campaign, which has disavowed and condemned the video.

More here: Abby Huntsman Livingston: Ron Paul Supporters' Jon Huntsman Attack Ad Is 'Vile' (VIDEO).

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