underwear stealing stalker arrested

Weirrrrrd. Asians behaving badly... underwear thievin' stalker edition! In Montgomery, Pennsylvania, police have arrested a man for allegedly stalking a woman, breaking into her home and stealing her underwear: Police: Montco underwear thief, stalker arrested.

37-year-old Kornwell Chan broke into the woman's home last month while she was on vacation during the holidays. He had apparently met her at a train station last fall, and things quickly got weird from there, including uncomfortable interactions, a homemade Christmas card and ultimately, the burglary:
According to the affidavit of probable cause, Chan began asking her personal questions and indicated that he thought he knew her name as he had found her Twitter account. Although the victim had been making attempts to avoid him, Chan approached her at the train station a few days before Christmas and handed her a handmade card that contained lottery tickets, Christmas buttons, a drawing that indicated he knew her last name, which she had never told him, and an invitation “to stalk him on Twitter,” the affidavit states.

During Christmas break, the woman’s home in Oreland was burglarized while the family was away, according to the district attorney’s office, but the only items taken were the victim’s bras and panties.

The burglary was discovered Jan. 1, when the residents returned home to find the underwear missing and framed family photos turned faced-down in the home, except for a photograph of the victim, which was left standing and moved to the dining room table, according to the affidavit.
Chan, who is employed at a Philadelphia law firm, is charged with burglary, criminal trespass, stalking, and related offenses. Nice going, you creepy weirdo stalker guy. You've made it totally weird for anyone to talk to a stranger on the train. More here: Suspect in 'underwear burglary' charged in Springfield.

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