assemblywoman grace meng says boston market employees called her "la china"

Oh snap! In New York, Assemblywoman Grace Meng is speaking out about a recent incident at the Boston Market location in Flushing, where she was repeatedly referred to as "la china" by employees: Assemblywoman Grace Meng roasts Boston Market over racial remarks.

Meng was eating at Boston Market last month when she heard employees make the reference directed at her -- the only customer in the restaurant. According to the Assemblywoman, when she confronted the employees about it, they just shrugged. Company officials are now looking into it:
Boston Market officials were unaware of the incident before the Daily News’ inquiry on Thursday and vowed to quickly investigate.

"We are concerned by the issue we were made aware of for the first time today, and have immediately begun to explore this with the restaurant team in question," Randy Miller, chief administrative officer, wrote in a statement.

"If the incident occurred as described, we will promptly retrain the restaurant team in question to ensure adherence to our policies," he added.
She adds this to the recent rash of anti-Asian behavior by fast food employees that have drawn the attention of the internet and beyond, including Chick Fil-A, Papa John's and Starbucks.

I actually don't think this behavior is anything new. We just have more powerful and far-reaching means of sharing our experiences. It certainly compels me to look a little more closely at my fast food receipts.

In light of her experience, Assemblywoman Meng has called on the New York City Human Rights Commission to issue better guidelines to employers for appropriate customer interaction in restaurants and retailers.

UPDATE: Boston Market has apparently apologized to Grace Meng.

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