hep b free philadelphia "b a hero" psa contest

Hey, Philly! The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival invites you to channel your creativity and skills for a good cause, and participate in the Hep B Free Philadelphia "B A Hero" PSA Video Contest.

To enter, create a 30-second public service announcement to raise awareness of about hepatitis, which disproportionately affects the Asian Pacific American community. Here are some more details about the contest:
Hep B Free Philadelphia and Hepatitis B Foundation invite you to create a 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) to raise awareness about hepatitis B. Finalists will receive prize money and the winner's PSA will be shown at Hep B Free Philadelphia's annual media event as well as **drum rolls** the 2012 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival! Thousands will get to see your creative brainchild!

Hepatitis B is a serious infection that affects about 2 million people in the United States. About 1 in 10 Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are chronically infected with African immigrants approaching a similar ratio as well. About 1 in 4 of the chronically infected individuals will die of liver cancer or cirrhosis. Many infected individuals are not aware of their status because hepatitis B usually doesn't produce symptoms for decades, and when the symptoms start showing it is often too late for treatment - it is a silent killer!

Help us raise awareness by entering the "B A Hero" PSA Video Contest and submitting a PSA made by you! Videos should highlight hepatitis B and include the "B A Hero" theme.

5 Easy Steps:
1. Make a 30-second video to raise awareness and B a hero
2. Check the fact sheet to make sure all the information is correct
3. Submit the PSA through Hep B Free Philly's Facebook page (upload app will be up soon)
4. Get all your friends to vote for your PSA
5. Win prizes and B famous!
Take note: the contest is limited to individuals in the greater Philadelphia region. The submission deadline for round 1 is February 17, so you better get to work! For more further information, including the official contest guidelines, go to the Hep B Free Philly website here.

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