hoekstra campaign removes all traces of "debbie spend-it-now"

Well, well. After feeling some serious fallout, it appears that Michigan Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra and Co. have pulled the plug on that racist bullshit campaign ad. Not only have they pulled the plug on the ad, they've completely eradicated all traces of the crazy racist website that went along with it. And not just the website -- it's everything, everywhere: Hoekstra scrubs Super Bowl ad from sites.
Pete Hoekstra's campaign maintains it stands by the Super Bowl ad that rocked the Michigan Senate race, but you couldn't tell by looking online.

The controversial spot has been wiped from its YouTube channel, stricken from its Facebook page and there's no mention of it on the campaign website.

Even the interviews about the spot have been scrubbed, including Hoekstra's appearance on Fox News Channel.
Considering that the ad aired during the friggin' Super Bowl, they must have sunk a lot of money into this campaign, only to rethink and realize now that maybe this was a bad idea. They've even removed interviews of Hoekstra defending the ad! Are you really trying to pretend it didn't happen, Pete?

Well, then. It's a darn good thing someone thought to archive that godawful website here. For educational purposes, of course.

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