jay chen is running for congress

It's on, America. Specifically, it's on for California's 39th Congressional District, where Hacienda La Puente School Board Member (and friend to this blog) Jay Chen has just officially announced that he's running for Congress.

A graduate of Harvard University, Jay is a successful small businessman, serves as an intelligence officer in the United States Naval Reserve, and has been giving back to the community he grew up in as a member of the Hacienda-La Puente Unified School District Board of Education since 2007.

Jay made the announcement this afternoon at his alma mater, Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights. Here's part of his statement from the campaign press release:
"It has been an honor to serve my hometown and strengthen education for the children of Hacienda Heights and La Puente. As a small business owner who is frustrated by extreme partisanship in Washington and understands the effect it is having on jobs and the economy, I look forward to doing my part to make Congress work again. I have a proven record of bringing members of the school board and the community together to solve problems and I have the independence needed to get results."

"We must set aside partisanship and work together to strengthen America's role as the leader the rest of the world looks up to. This cannot happen without a change in Washington D.C.; the current Congress is too bitter, divided, and unproductive. It is time to refresh our capitol with leaders who are beholden not to special interests and outdated ideology, but to their constituents."

"I am running for Congress to restore the promise that is America. I will work hard to create jobs, protect the middle class, prepare our children to compete in a global community, and support and honor the veterans who have defended our country."
In addition to his many accomplishments and qualifications, Jay has gone head to head with Aasif Mandvi on The Daily Show, successfully stared down a racist bullshit recall petition, and is a former Angry Reader of the Week.

Jay will be taking on two heavily entrenched Republicans in the primary, and winning District 39 won't be easy. But I think he's got what it takes to shake things up. To learn more about Jay Chen, go to his campaign website here.

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