job opportunity: freelance animator, mnet

Any freelance animators out there? Just passing along this job posting from Asian pop culture broadcast network MNET, which is currently looking for resourceful animator/producer/editor to help kick off a new animated television series. Here are some more details on the kind of skills they're looking for:
We are looking for a freelance animator/producer/editor to work on a brand new animated television series. This is a new show on a fledgling network. The budget is very tight but it is a paid position. We are interested in individuals who have some animation experience and are eager to help the show grow from a small, raw program to a big hit show. Think the beginning days of South Park!

There is a writer/artist who is responsible for drawing all of the art. We are looking for someone who can animate her existing art into a television show. The art is pretty simple and not too detailed. If you have used programs like Flash, Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom or any similar versions of animation software and you would like to be considered for this project, please submit your resume, a sample of your work (send links--no attachments, please) and an approximate budget for a 30-minute episode (22 minutes of animated content) to networkproductionjobs@gmail.com

Please see the following link for an example of what we are looking for.

It doesn't indicate an application deadline, but if you've the skillz, follow the directions and email networkproductionjobs@gmail.com. And for more information on Mnet, check out the networks English-language website here.

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