"love is easy... relationships are hard" by kelly zen-yie tsai

For Valentine's Day, our friend Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, poet extraordinaire, passes along this spoken word video she directed and performed, appropriate for the occasion: "Love is Easy...Relationships are Hard." It's short, but she speaks the truth. Take a look:


And here's the text:
Love is Easy. Relationships are Hard.
by Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai (www.yellowgurl.com)

If the timing is right. If the communication
is clear. If the desires are the same. If the
geography can be condensed. If the eating
habits are compatible. If the sleep schedule
can be arranged. If the friends are not trifling.
If the exes are not crazy. If the toilet bowl stays
scrubbed. If the taxes are paid. If the credit isn't
shot. If the papers are legit. If the addictions are
handled. If the life dreams are pursued. If the phone
can be picked up. If the families are friendly enough.
If the jealousy can be reigned in. If the hygiene
is on point. If the changes can be trusted. If the punches
aren't thrown. If the insults are neutralized. If the jobs
stay steady. If the passion reinvigorates itself. If the
religious practices don't desecrate each other. If the lies
recede to truth. If the truth stays off Facebook and
Twitter...and Tumblr. If the Skype doesn't malfunction.
If the childhood trauma heals. If the teenage trauma heals.
If the young adult trauma heals. If the middle-aged trauma
heals. If the sociopolitical worlds settle. If the grudges
are finally let go...

If we can do it (just this one time) for the love.
For more from Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, check out her website here.

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