new music: "live my life" by far east movement feat. justin bieber(!)

What the--?! The guys in Far East Movement just dropped their latest single, "Live My Life," a collaboration with none other than Justin Bieber. You get a good taste of that dirty bass party sound they're bringing to their next album. Here's a video interview of FM explaining how the track came together:

The song's fun, and is sure to get some crazy plays on the dance floor. But if anything, it's also smart, considering Justin Bieber's loyal, massive fanbase. And hell, it works the other way too. I bought it, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I now have a song blessed by Justin Bieber on my iPod.

"Live My Life" is available for download on iTunes and Amazon. For further information on the music and misadventures of Far East Movement, check out their website here.

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