not another dumb tweet: "so easy 4 him now to recognize his pg"

Okay, seriously. Are people competing in some kind of contest to come up with the most idiotic Jeremy Lin-related remarks? Former college star and retired NBA player Rex Chapman is responsible for the latest racially-charged tweet: Rex Chapman tweets about Jeremy Lin, says NY Knicks J.R. Smith pickup is good due to fact he 'played in China.'

If you watched Sunday's Knicks game, you know that J.R. Smith made his debut with New York after a stint playing in China. Chapman suggests that, naturally, all that time in China would make Smith fit to connect with point guard Jeremy Lin -- you know, the lone yellow face on the court.

When confronted with concern that his remark might be offensive, Chapman simply responded, "I'll let u know when I begin 2 give a sh-t.' Well, thanks.

Isn't amazing how Twitter has empowered anyone and everyone with an equal opportunity to broadcast their stupidity?

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