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Look who made the cover of the TIME's Asian Edition.

Jeremy Lin with Boomer & Carton: In his first New York interview, Jeremy Lin talks about his journey and shares his feelings on all the "Linsanity."

Jeremy Lin: 2/16: ESPN Radio also has a great interview with Jeremy.

Jeremy Lin added to Rising Stars game: Because how could you not? Jeremy Lin has been added to the roster of players who will play in the Rising Stars Challenge at All-Star Weekend on February 24 in Orlando.

The Delivery Guy Who Saw Jeremy Lin Coming: In May 2010, a basketball stat hobbyist named Ed Weiland made the Moneyball-like assessment that Jeremy Lin was a future NBA star to watch. Great for him, but I'll point out our appreciation of JLin pre-dates May 2010.

Fifteen Reasons to Remain Unapologetically Over the Moon About Jeremy Lin: "We deliberately left off "he's an Asian-American" from this list, not because it's not part of his appeal (it obviously is), but because there are so many people who seem to think that's the only factor in his appeal. We think this list makes it plain and clear that that's far from the truth."

The Jeremy Lin Fan Club: Sports Illustrated has collected some of the best Jeremy Lin fan signs into a handy slideshow. The super-cute photo above, however, comes from reader Rebecca A. Lee of the Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership, taken at the Knicks-Wizards game last week.

The Real Lesson of Linsanity: "One year ago, a very different scene was unfolding at Madison Square Garden, one that in retrospect shows just how badly we needed Jeremy Lin way before we'd ever heard of him. And by "we," I don't just mean Knicks fans."

Hoop Dreams: The Rise of the Asian-American Baller: "At the end of the day, I'm a 43-year-old Asian-American man who has struggled with my identity for much of my life. And while I don't believe that professional athletes are role models of heroes, I do believe that there's something to be said about inspiration. No matter one's color, I think we can all agree that Jeremy Lin is a great inspiration."

Linsanity 2: Redefining 'American': "Now that Jeremy Lin has exploded onto the high-profile pop-cultural entertainment and professional sports stage, he is showing that a person of Chinese/Asian descent is truly an American to a lot of people who probably never gave a thought as to whether a non-white person could, indeed, be an American."

Jeremy Lin TV Graphic Raises Concerns: This was probably inevitable, but the dumbass at the MSG Network who had the bright idea to create this idiotic fortune cookie graphic for Wednesday night's broadcast deserves to get fired.

Linsanity Continues: Okay, come on. I understand the expression, but I think it would be a good idea if all sports journalists just avoided using the phrase "chink in the armor" when talking about Jeremy Lin.

The Jeremy Lin discussion: "Here are eight things that help to explain Lin's popularity, and what that popularity says about that grand old issue of race."

Jeremy Lin's Secret? It's Not That He's Asian: James Fallows calls out Bob Wright's argument that Jeremy Lin's "Asian heritage" explains his current success on the court, calling that theory "horseshit," in no uncertain terms.

Tim Kawakami: The beauty of Jeremy Lin isn't his race; it's that he looks as if he belongs: Jeremy Lin's (and my) hometown sports writer -- and fellow Asian American -- Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News expresses that what he loves most about Jeremy is that he looks "perfectly natural" doing what's he's doing for the Knicks.

Jeremy Lin finally gets a new apartment, and a place in NBA history: Now that he's, you know, a basketball sensation, Jeremy Lin has finally moved off his brother's couch into his own place -- subletting former Knick David Lee's old apartment.

Jeremy Lin Reveals His Music Picks: What does Jeremy Lin listen to on his iPod to prepare for a game? You might (not) be surprised.

Jeremy Lin Generates More Twitter Traffic Than Any NBA Player and Obama: During a one-week span, Jeremy Lin was reportedly mentioned more than 2.5 million times on social media and Twitter.

Jeremy Lin as union rep! Is there no end to his talent? According to the NBA players union, Jeremy Lin probably will be the next player representative of the New York Knicks and might win a spot on the union's executive committee.

Linsanity!: NBA player Jeremy Lin becomes basketball star, Asian-American hero: Our blogger buddy Jen Wang of Disgrasian recently phoned in as a guest with KPCC's Patt Morrison to weigh in on all the "Linsanity."

How To Overcome Jeremy Lin Fatigue: If you are sick and tired of the constant barrage of Jeremy Lin coverage, Moye of 8 Asians suggests, among other things, becoming an Amish farmer.

Knicks Trade Jeremy Lin For Selfish Asshole Who Plays Knicks-Style Basketball: The Onion News Network tackles the Jeremy Lin phenomenon.

David Letterman's Top 10 Worst Jeremy Lin Puns: Some really bad "Lin" puns, courtesy of The Late Show.

Deon Cole Begs Asians To Leave Basketball Alone: In a bit I thought was rather weak, Conan writer Deon Cole speaks out with his take on Jeremy Lin.

Some Jeremy Lin love... cuz you know... he hasn't had enough yet: Check out our friend, artist and diehard Knicks fan Jerry Ma's two awesome new t-shirt tributes to J.Lin, available soon from Epic Proportions.

An Odd Game a Grandmother Can Appreciate: In Taiwan, 85-year-old Lin Chu A Muen -- Jeremy Lin's grandmother -- is the Knicks point guard's number one fan. Never mind that she knows nothing about basketball.

Knicks Star Jeremy Lin Captures Big Apple's Heart: "Many Asians entered the store, many from Taiwan ecstatic about this first Taiwanese-American to play for the NBA. A 17-year-old Taiwanese exchange student said he cried the first time he saw Lin play."

Chinatown Can Cheer, but Can't Watch, Rise of an Adopted Star: Like about 2.5 million Time Warner Cable customers throughout the state, residents in places like Confucius Plaza, a 44-story apartment building in Chinatown, have been unable to watch Lin ... because the cable company has been in rancorous dispute with MSG Network, which televises Knicks games.

Kim Kardashian Rumored to Be Interested in Jeremy Lin: And finally, I can't imagine this being anything but a publicist's desperate attempt to link Kim Kardashian to New York's fastest rising star, but if there is a shred of truth to this, I pray that Jeremy Lin runs like hell in the opposite direction.

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