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For Asians And Latinos, Stereotypes Persist In Sitcoms: "Why are we still discussing this? TV producers got this memo years ago about black characters. But Asians like Han Lee - and Latinos - haven't been so lucky."

It Gets Better: How I Overcame Childhood Bullying: Margaret Cho wants you to know that not only does it get better; it gets amazing.

Natalie Nakase continues to dream big, beat odds: At 31 years old, Natalie Nakase is the first female head coach in Japan's top-tier basketball league. She's now set on coaching the NBA -- and no one doubts that she can do it.

Stereotype(face): Origins Of The Chop Suey Font: 8 Asians contributor Lily W explains how a font became a signifier for an entire race, and wonders if we should be okay with that.

Time Inc. Lawyer Writes a Novel: Here's an interview with Helen Wan, a corporate attorney whose debut novel The Firm Outing will be published next year by St. Martin's Press.

Chen case: Asian-American soldiers endure bias: Further proof that Private Danny Chen's suicide is not an isolated case of racial bullying in the military.

Japanese-American soldiers from 442nd finally get medals for World War II valor: Finally is right -- almost 70 years after the end of WWII, Japanese American vets are recognized with a Congressional Gold Medal.

Byron Honda Honored for WWII Service: One of the vets who received the honor of a Congressional Gold Medal is Byron Honda, who served in the military while his wife and children lived in an internment camp. His son, Congressman Mike Honda, represents California's 15th Congressional District.

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