"my name is jessica hyejin lee. if you're watching this, I have been arrested."

This week in Philadelphia, two college students were arrested for staging a protest for immigrant rights outside the offices of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: Philadelphia police arrest two at immigrant-rights rally.

19-year-old Tania Chairez, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, and 20-year-old Jessica Hyejin Lee, a junior at Bryn Mawr College, were both arrested after sitting in the middle of the roadway and refusing to move.

Both students are undocumented immigrants who were speaking out to "come out of the shadows" and bring attention to the plight of fellow undocumented people. Here's a video of Jessica explaining her situation and what her undocumented status means for her:

"My name is Jessica HyeJin Lee. If you’re watching this, I have been arrested." Before their arrest, Jessica and Tania went into the ICE Philadelphia Field Office and declared their undocumented status -- risking detainment and deportation.

It's easy for anyone who hasn't felt the impact of an unjust immigration system to stand back and judge them and their actions, but I have to give these two women props for their bravery and conviction. More here: Undocumented Youth Arrested at Protest in Philadelphia.

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