paul qui is the winner of top chef: texas

Awwwww yeah. Wednesday night on the Top Chef Season 9 finale, Paul Qui of Austin's Uchiko earned himself the well-deserved title of Top Chef, beating out Sarah Grueneberg. It was as I had hoped.

Paul was a strong favorite throughout the entire season, and this week he finally sealed the deal -- but not first without some cooking, eating, judging, and finally, crying. Here's the recap: Qui Party!

You know I was pulling for Beverly for the better part of the season, but Paul was definitely one of my favorites too. Pretty damn happy to see him make it to the top. Here's a brief Q&A with the newest Top Chef: Paul Qui IS Top Chef!

They had a camera rolling at Uchiko during the restaurant's Top Chef finale watch party. Check out the reaction when Paul was announced the winner: Fan favorite Paul Qui of Uchiko wins 'Top Chef: Texas.'

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