to jeremy lin, from stuyvesant high school: please speak at our graduation

Jeremy Lin, this is for you. This is a message to No. 17 from the students at Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. They've made a video asking the New York Knicks point guard to be their graduation speaker this year. The video starts out a little rough (the "rap" is... less than compelling) but by the end I actually found it kind of endearing. Take a look:

I'm just passing along the word. Jeremy, you've already been an inspiration to an entire community and beyond. If you're reading this, you'd make the students and faculty at Stuy (which, by the way, has a student body that is over 70% Asian American) pretty darn happy if you shared a little more of that inspiration with them in June. Good luck, Stuyvesant.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Jeremy Lin will not be able to attend Stuyvesant High School's graduation. But he has seen their message and responded via Twitter, promising to make a video message and maybe even visit the school sometime: Jeremy Lin: Stuyvesant High School video ‘awesome’ but he can’t attend graduation.

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