6th annual neuvsa conference, april 6-8

Yo, Philly! Drexel University is hosting its 6th NEUVSA Conference (North East Union of Vietnamese Student Associations) to educate, connect, and inspire a new generation of Vietnamese Americans. "Defying Gravity" happens April 6-8, and includes a Vietnamese Folklore Festival, keynote speakers and workshops, and a culture showcase. More information:
NEUVSA 6th Annual Conference: Defying Gravity, hosted by Drexel VSA, follows the series of annual conferences of Northeast Union of Vietnamese Student Association (NEUVSA). The organization is a community-based organization to unite the Vietnamese community in the Northeast region in order to engage our shared culture, to leverage resources for constituent schools, to foster individual professionalism and leadership, and to empower members to advocate social justice and awareness for causes relevant to the Vietnamese community. Aligned with the organization’s mission, our goals for the Conference and for our participating students are:

(1) to inspire prospective pathways after graduation;
(2) to connect Vietnamese community together;
(3) to advocate awareness about Vietnamese culture heritage and current issues.

Time: April 6 - April 8, 2012.

Location: Drexel University Main Campus.

For more information, please refer to our main website: http://conference.neuvsa.org/

For daily updates, please refer to our Facebook event page: http://goo.gl/PcLc0

Or follow us at NEUVSA-6: https://twitter.com/#!/NEUVSA6
Register for the conference here

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