bang bang available on itunes

If you didn't get to catch it during its festival run, director Byron Q's award-winning indie gangster drama Bang Bang is now available for purchase and download on iTunes for $9.99. Here's the new trailer for the release:

Here's the synopsis:
Justin is a troubled teen looking for a way out of the gang life. His best friend Charlie is a rich Taiwanese kid who lives in the nice part of town. Justin runs away from home after a fight with his Mom and takes refuge at Charlie's house while Charlie's parents are away on a prolonged business trip. The murder of a fellow gang member avalanches into a full blown war with a rival gang. Caught in the midst of teenage angst, gang life, and alienation, the two friends find themselves heading down two different paths of life."
Bang Bang is also available on DVD and Blu-ray here. The movie's a little rough, but it manages to pull off of a lot and tells a compelling story with limited resources and several first-time actors. For further information about the film, go to the Bang Bang website here.

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