david henry hwang's kung fu to premiere off-broadway in 2013

Some interesting theater news... Off-Broadway's Signature Theatre recently announced the lineup for its 2012-13, and it includes the world premiere of Kung Fu, a new play by David Henry Hwang: NYC's Signature Will Premiere New Works By David Henry Hwang, Sam Shepard, Regina Taylor.

The Residency One: David Henry Hwang Series will feature Golden Child, directed by Leigh Silverman; The Dance and the Railroad, directed by May Adrales; and the world premiere of Kung Fu, also directed by Leigh Silverman. What's extremely interesting is the description for Kung Fu:
Hwang's Kung Fu will play in fall 2013 on The Irene Diamond Stage. It's billed as "a play which incorporates dance and music into an exciting new form." In it, "a young martial artist comes to America from Hong Kong in the 1960's, with a dream as audacious as his talent: to become the biggest movie star in the world. To do so, he must struggle to overcome the West's view of China as weak and backwards, and of Asian men as less than truly masculine."
Um, I don't know about you, but that sounds a lot like that Bruce Lee-inspired musical that DHH has been working on... but I've read that this is apparently a separate project. More here: Shepard, Hwang to Off Broadway.

Either way, I think I might just have to pay a visit to the Irene Diamond Stage in fall 2013. Where do I buy my tickets? (Thanks, Josh.)

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