fund this: clara c & david choi's 2012 fall tour

Check it. Two of your favorite pop-rock musicians, David Choi and Clara C, are going on tour together later this fall. You know and love them from YouTube, and this will be your chance to see them in person, with lots of cool bells and whistles. But in order to make that happen, they're asking for your help. So... here's the Kickstarter pitch for their Fall 2012 Tour:

Here are some more details about what they're asking for:
This is the official kickstarter campaign for David Choi and Clara C's Fall Tour in 2012!! We are so excited to be going on tour together. A lot of you may see us on youtube everyday but we finally want to remove the computer screen between us and you and meet all of you in person!

So when we normally tour its by ourselves (as a lot of you have seen) it is us up on stage by ourselves with a guitar. That is still an amazing feeling connecting with all of you like that but we want to take it up a notch and bring you the full experience so we are both bringing full bands so we can just have a crazy party at each tour stop!
They're looking to hit around twenty tour stops, and your donation will help pay for all the logistical costs that come with planning a nationwide tour. For your generosity, you'll be rewarded with goodies on a variety of pledge levels.

For further details, and to make a pledge, go to David & Clara's Kickstarter campaign here. And for more from these two artists, check out David Choi's YouTube channel here and Clara C's YouTube channel here.

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