internship opportunity: korean american youth leaders in training program

Here's a great internship opportunity for Korean American students... The K.W. Lee Center for Leadership, based in Los Angeles' Koreatown, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing youth with the tools and opportunities necessary to become future leaders.

They're putting the call out for students who want to participate in their summer 2012 internship, the Korean American Youth Leaders in Training Program, a leadership development initiative for high school and college students. Here are some more details about the program:
The K.W. Lee Center for Leadership is sponsoring an exciting leadership development initiative for high school and college students called the Korean American Youth Leaders in Training. Sa-i-gu (April 29, 1992 Los Angeles Riots), which serves as the impetus for this program, exposed many deep-rooted problems in the Korean American community, particularly the lack of leadership.

The purpose of this program is to take deliberate steps to fill that void by developing and supporting a new generation of Korean American leaders. The program provides an opportunity for Korean American students to develop leadership skills, explore their culture and history, experience hands-on community organizing, and develop a larger perspective of themselves in relation to their own community as well as the larger public arena.
The program begins at the end of June and runs through mid-August. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. For further information about the internship, as well as details on how to apply, go to the K.W. Lee Center website here.

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