little wrestler takes national championship

I'm posting this because, dude... how can I not post this awesome photo?

That's 6-year-old wrestler Felix Chang of Falls Church, Virginia standing at the top of the winner's podium, wearing the medal of a champ. Hell yeah.

Felix, wrestling whose accomplishments I've posted about before, recently won the NUWAY Nationals in the D1 Light Heavyweight (70 pound) division: F.C. Wrestler Takes Second National Championship.
Felix represented team Maryland by winning the state championship in February wrestling for the MD Buffalo Soldiers team. The D1 70 pound division was considered one of the toughest in the tournament where Felix faced the Ohio state champion in the finals. Winning the tournament earned Felix Chang his second national championship.
Props, Felix. What a little badass. For another awesome photo of Felix, check out this article from his previous win at the 2012 Maryland State Wrestling Championship: 6-Year-Old Wrestler from F.C. Takes State Title.

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