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Make Your Parents Proud: Eugene Ahn quit his job as a lawyer and busted into the nerd hip-hop scene as Adam WarRock -- and still makes his parents proud.

Loving After Loss: When writer Tanzila Ahmed lost her mother the same day she submitted a final version of her story "Punk-Drunk Love," she feared she also lost her words. A touching story about finding the will to write again -- and to love.

Deportation Video Wins White House Contest, But Disappears: Some serious shadiness going on here. The White House invited the API community to submit videos addressing issues we face and the Studio Revolt team produced My Asian Americana, a short about Khmer Americans forced into exile. Although this short received the most votes, the White House neglected to invite the team to the "Champions of Change" event.

Why Asian American spending power catches advertisers: Including Asians in advertising used to be a courtesy -- now it's a necessity. Here's why.

Sepia Mutiny's Closure Is a Reminder: Blogging While Brown Ain't Easy: After eight years of running, Sepia Mutiny shut down its blog for good last month. Colorlines wonders why it's so hard to blog about race and progressive politics.

Saying Goodbye Is Just So Hard To Do: An interview with Sepia Mutiny's creator, Abhi, on his inspiration to start blogging about the South Asian experience, why he decided to close the blog's doors, and how his mission to present a multifaceted image of South Asians has been accomplished.

Reflections on Saigu, 20 Years Later: APALC lawyer Yungsuhn Park remembers living through the L.A. Riots 20 years ago and reflects on the strides the city's Korean American community has made and the challenges it still faces.

'Talk'ing Back: The Problematic Inclusion of Asian Americans in John Derbyshire's Racist Essay: When Derbyshire counted whites and Asians together in his idiotic essay spreading hate against black people, Sylvie Kim thought of the complex ways in which the API community is placed in the black/white racial dichotomy.

'Survivor' winner Yul Kwon hosts PBS series: An interview with Yul Kwon, who hosts the new PBS series America Revealed, a show exploring everyday systems that keep the country running.

Gregory Cendana, the Man Who Beat Barry: How did a 25 year old outpoll former mayor Marion Barry in the race for a slot in D.C.'s Democractic Convention delegation?

O.C. native Aimee Phan writes novel about reeducation camps Author Aimee Phan on the burden of family secrets, creating a space for history between new and old generations of Vietnamese Americans, and her new novel, The Reeducation of Cherry Truong.

In Los Angeles, An Immigrant's Dream Becomes A Jazz Hub: Cool NPR story on how Korean American musician Joon Lee created one of Los Angeles' most vibrant, buzzed-about jazz clubs, the Blue Whale, from the ground up.

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