welcome to the major league, yu darvish

Oh, look. It's the phrase that needs to die. Come on, people. We've been through this before. I know you mean well, but don't be a dumbass.

Much-buzzed about Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish made his big league debut with the Texas Rangers yesterday, shaking off a rough start to earn a win over the Seattle Mariners: Yu Darvish recovers after shaky start for Rangers.

Fans came out in full force. Some brought tired, stupid signs.

But wait. Then there was Rangers analyst Tom Grieve who made a questionable comment while describing the Mariners' hits during the first inning:
"They've hit a couple of balls hard. Smoak hit his line drive hard, Seager hit his ball pretty good and then there's been a couple of chinkers. Ichiro's little blooper and this slider, Olivo just hits right off the end of the bat and just dumps it over Kinsler's head."
Seriously? "Chinkers"? I don't think Grieve was injecting anything malicious into his comment, but man, given recent controversy over this stuff, you'd think he would have considered using a better choice of words.

Anyway, welcome to the Major League, Yu Darvish. You deserve better fans. More here: Yu Darvish fights back after rough first.

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