angry reader of the week: jennifer yin

Friends, it's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Jennifer Yin.

Who are you?
Jennifer Yin

What are you?
A hungry harpy.
Grief bacon ('Kummerspeck')
She Who Caterwauls at Animals on the Street.

Where are you?
San Francisco
Where are you from?
Born in Chamblee, Georgia. Raised in San Jose.

What do you do?
I work at the Asian Art Museum. Over the years I've worn many hats there in the communications realm, but I'm currently the manager of marketing and digital engagement. I take care of things ranging from placing ads online, making email blasts, working with lots of vendors and companies, to doing all the social media, arranging partnerships, and sitting in a lot of meetings. I guess I'm sort of an arts hustler; ultimately my job is to show people how amazing the museum is, and in general, how wonderful art is. It's actually a lot harder than it sounds, but it can be deeply rewarding and it suits me. Right now we're working our butts off on what I consider to be the most exciting exhibition in my eight years there: Phantoms of Asia. The preview party is next week.

I'm also a photographer who specializes in food, restaurants, portraits, and events. Every year I have the honor and pleasure of being one of the official photographers for the SF International Asian American Film Festival and SF Beer Week. Appropriately enough, I'll be photographing Dennis Lee (of Namu) this weekend for an editorial shoot.

What are you all about?
Oh you know, the usual. I'm fiercely passionate about certain things, which is par for the course when you're a big fat nerd.

I love comics, cinema, cuisine, curds/cheese, concerts, cars, critical thinking, canines with cute butts. Unfortunately there are no cool 'C' words for travel, art, and flora/fauna. But yeah, I just want to do good, be good, spend time with good people, and eat good food.

What makes you angry?

I'm sorta joking. I call myself a hater, because how can I not be hardened and cynical from all the maddening injustices in the world? All sorts of things chap my hide, everything from war, poverty, ignorance, and anti-gay marriage BS, to the marginalization of pitbulls, overrated trendy restaurants, feeling like no one cares about Asian art, and the fact that Michael Bay is making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

But it's all about perspective and keeping your cool, so I try to focus on what makes life wonderful.

(photo credit: Stephen Chung)

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