man throws hot coffee on donut shop employee

What the hell. Another awful news story out of Philadelphia, where a man is charged with aggravated assault after throwing a cup of hot coffee at a doughnut shop employee: Customers drop by doughnut shop to wish burned worker well.

Last Tuesday morning, 27-year-old Sokchea Luy was badly burned when David Timbers, who is a apparently a regular customer at Fresh Donuts, lost his temper and threw a cup of coffee at her. Her received serious burns on her arm, but it could have been worse -- she used the arm to shield her face.

The attack was caught on the store's surveillance video:

The dispute seems to have started over a couple of dollars that Timber may or may not have paid. Whatever the case, it's absolutely no reason to throw a f$%king cup of hot coffee at someone's face:
"I paid for my sandwich," the man says on the video. "I don't need the $2.25 or whatever you charged me, $2.40."

"You not pay me," Luy says.

The man ordered a turkey, bacon, and cheese sandwich and coffee. Luy hands him his coffee. He pries it from her hand, grabs her wrist, and tosses the full cup at her.

"Take that," he says, as Luy is heard screaming from behind the counter.

As owner Donald Eap rushed to help, the man cursed him and yelled as he stormed out.
The cops are looking for you, coffee-throwing coward.

David Timbers is described as a black male, 40 years of age, 6'2", 200 lbs, with a mustache. He was wearing a tan suit, tan shoes and a gold watch. Anyone with information is asked to call (215) 686-8477 or text a tip to 773847.

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