oh, sweet irony. marion barry hospitalized, treated by filipino nurses

Oh man. This is one of those headlines you read and you really hope that it's not just a funny joke... and hallelujah, it's not: Marion Barry has change of heart after being saved by Filipino hospital staff.

Yes, D.C. Councilman Marion Barry, just weeks after making disparaging remarks about the overabundance of Filipino nurses in the city's hospitals, finds himself in the hospital with a life-threatening blood clot, getting treated by -- you guessed it! -- Filipino nurses.

Barry was so grateful, he took to Twitter, not only thanking the "kind professional Filipino staff" but also essentially taking back ("I stand corrected") his controversial comments:
Hospitalized in Las Vegas with a blood clot this weekend, D.C. councilmember Marion Barry made a point to tweet his thanks to the "kind professional Filipino staff" and took back his earlier criticism of D.C. hospitals for hiring Filipino nurses.

"Got a blood clot while waiting on plane in Memphis," Barry posted to Twitter Sunday night. "Taking blood thiner. I thank God it was caught. #thankGodALLthetime"

He added, "I also thank outstanding medical staff, incl. kind professional Filipino staff. I stand corrected; I truly didn’t mean 2 hurt or offend."
I don't want to make light of the Councilman's medical condition... but this is too funny, considering his remarks. People were joking that if Marion Barry had a problem with Filipino nurses, he was going to find himself in some trouble if he actually ended up in the hospital. And there you go.

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