ann curry's tearful goodbye to the today show

"I'm sorry I couldn't carry the ball over the finish line. But man, I did try."

After a great deal of rumors and speculation about her future on the Today show, Ann Curry tearfully told viewers that she would be stepping down, after serving only a little more than a year as co-host: Ann Curry breaks down in tears while telling viewers she will leave 'Today' show.

This seriously bums me out. Real classy move, NBC. Ann Curry was on the Today show for nearly twenty years, and you give her five minutes to say goodbye before unceremoniously giving her the boot.

Curry will remain at NBC News as a correspondent with a "fancy new title" and role that has yet to be fully determined. Like I've said before, she's better than the Today show, but it sucks she has to go out like this. More here: Ann Curry: Today is my last day co-hosting 'Today.'

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