disturbing bus bullying video goes viral

Sorry, I am not a particularly violent person, and I don't condone violence against anybody -- especially children. But honestly, after watching this video, I really wanted to smack the s#*t out of some kids.

In this ten-minute video, shot on a school bus in Greece, New York, a group of hateful middle school kids gang up on an elderly bus monitor, Karen Klein, and verbally abuse her, calling her the most hateful, vile things. This is bullying. It's disturbing as hell and will shake your faith in human decency.

You've been warned:

I'm only posting this because one of these little sociopaths is an Asian kid. You see him on the right. His name, and the identities of the rest of the kids, are out there on the internet, but I won't post it here because they're minors. But damn. I know people are horrible, so this isn't entirely shocking... that doesn't make it any less infuriating.

In more heartening news, as the video has gone viral, many people have reached out in support of Karen Klein, even opening up their wallets(!) with a Kickstarter campaign. Follow the entire saga, from the video to internet outrage, here: Karen Huff Klein Bullying Video: Upsetting Footage Causes Community Outrage.

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