former county emloyees accused of stealing from the dead

Asians behaving badly... stealing-from-the-dead edition! Last week in San Mateo, California, two county workers were arrested for stealing thousands of dollars in cash and other valuables from the estates of dead residents: Former county workers allegedly stole from dead.

Former deputy public administratros Mandy Natchi Yagi and Peter Wong are charged with conspiracy to commit theft from a federally funded program and theft concerning a federally funded program.

They were responsible for administering the assets of residents who die without a will or person willing to act as the estate administrator. They apparently decided the best way to "administer" these assets was to steal them:
The alleged thefts were discovered after Wong and Yagi left county employment, according to health department spokeswoman Robyn Thaw.

Wong had worked for the county for three years and Yagi for almost 12, she said.

"We discovered a box of items from many different estates in a place that only Wong and Yagi had access to," Thaw wrote in an email. "That they had items from many different estates in a box that was not under lock and key with the Public Administrator was evidence that they were misappropriating assets."

The health department referred the matter to the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office in December 2011, Thaw said.

According to the indictment, the metal box contained valuables and identification documents belonging to 19 different estates that had been or were under county administration. The box was found at the residence of a decedent in an estate administrated by Wong.
According to indictment, the paper trail shows Yagi and Wong depositing large sums of money into their bank accounts, including cash from the sale of jewelry and gold. Caught, you thievin' suckas! If this was a movie, you'd be haunted by the dead people you stole from.

More here: Two former San Mateo County employees arrested on charges of stealing from the estates of decesased residents.

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