wtf: "that great oriental philosopher"

Props to the keen-eyed reader who spotted this stupid greeting card at a Target store in the San Diego area...

The front of the card is bad enough, with the stereotypical Asian caricature and that crappy setup about the "great oriental philosopher" (not to mention that awful font that just wont die). At this point, there's really no way there's anything good waiting for you on the inside of the card. But it gets worse.

This is one of those sound effect cards, so you actually hear that infamous "oriental riff" -- you know what I'm talking about -- when you open the card. (What, no gong?) And then the punchline: "Yung No Mo." As in, "you're old now."

This little comic gem of cultural insensitivity comes courtesy of Sound Bites Greetings, available exclusively at Target. I shake my fist at you.

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