help top spin reach its fundraising goal

As I've mentioned before, filmmakers Mina T. Son and Sara Newens are fundraising for their feature documentary Top Spin, which follows three exceptional teenage table tennis players in their pursuit of Olympic dreams.

They're in the final hours fundraising, and could really use your help in reaching their goal of $75,000 by July 19 to complete the film. Here's a video with some more information about the project:

I think it looks great. Here's a blurb:
We are all only teenagers once. Documenting the growing pains and Olympic dreams of our stars, Ariel, Lily and Michael, has shown us how precious and rare this moment truly is. But for only a few of these young athletes, the perfect nexus of talent and hard work will lead them all the way to to the 2012 London Olympics for a chance to represent their country.
I really enjoyed Mina and Sara's award-winning original short documentary of the same name, which just profiled Ariel Hsing. I'm looking forward to seeing how the feature comes together.

For further information about the film, including a breakdown of how they'll be using the money, and to make a pledge, go to the Top Spin Kickstarter campaign page here and follow updates on the film's Facebook page here.

You're also invited to check out the Top Spinnathon, 48-hour live webcast countdown to their fundraising goal. To see the full schedule, go here.

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