aaww presents do the write thing: a fiction writing workshop with ed lin

This is for all you writerly folks in New York: Do The Write Thing: A Fiction Writing Workshop.

The Asian American Writers' Workshop invites you to a fiction writing workshop with author Ed Lin. Want to learn a little something about character, plot, point of view, dialogue and all that good stuff?

Ed, author of This is a Bust, Snakes Can't Run and One Red Bastard, is here for you. Six sessions, happening Monday nights, September 10 to October 15 at the Asian American Writers' Workshop.

Here are some more details:
Do the Write Thing: A Fiction Writing Workshop
with Ed Lin

Monday, September 10, 7:00pm to Monday, October 15, 9:00pm
The Asian American Writers’ Workshop
110-112 W. 27 Street, Ste. 600
New York, NY 10001

It's easy to bat around issues about character, plot, point of view, description, dialogue, setting, pacing, voice and theme (whew!) in terms of writing. But Ed Lin promises to spend as little time as possible talking about those concepts. Lin believes writing is akin to playing a musical instrument that no one else has ever seen or heard before, and that authors are generally right even when they aren't sure what they are doing.

The class requirements are:
1) an irrepressible desire to write and
2) ten pages of new fiction to be workshopped, due before the first class.
For further information about the workshop, go to the AAWW website.

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