angry little asian girl animated series premieres october 26

I was quite excited to learn that Lela Lee's o.g. cult comic strip Angry Little Asian Girl -- one of the waaaaay-back-in-the-day inspirations for this blog -- will be coming to life as an upcoming original animated series on the Asian American pop cable network Mnet. We're not too far off now. Here's a charming ten-second promo:

Here's some more information from Mnet's press release:
ANGRY LITTLE ASIAN GIRL - Imagine "South Park" with an Asian attitude. Angry Little Asian Girl is an animated series that follows Kim (and her quirky immigrant parents) as she tries to navigate life in a blonde, blue-eyed suburban neighborhood filled with ignorant adults, annoying friends, dim classmates and a dumb boyfriend, all of which makes Kim quite angry!

Angry Little Asian Girl is a character created by Lela Lee that has garnered a huge following online and includes other "Angry Little Girls" who deal with stereotypes, injustices and the everyday annoyances of being a girl in the world. Angry Little Girls is a comic strip franchise with a popular line of merchandise consisting of books, t-shirts, bags, wallets, pens, pencils, lunchboxes and more.
According to Lela's blog, we'll get to see Angry Little Asian Girl in short fifteen-minute episodes, with none other than Margaret Cho guest starring as the voice of Mother Lee. I can't think of anyone more perfect.

Angry Little Asian Girl premieres October 26 as part of Mnet's original programming lineup. For more updates from Angry Little Girls cartoon/merchandising empire, visit Lela Lee's website here.

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