mentally handicapped woman beaten and robbed by young boys

What the hell is wrong with people? In Philadelphia, a group of young boys -- 10 years old and younger -- are accused of beating and robbing a mentally handicapped woman: Boy, 10, and Young Friends Beat Handicapped Immigrant Woman.

According to police, the boys broke into the home of 51-year-old Minh Tran, who has a mental disability, and beat her with sticks, rocks and other items before making off with $20. Twenty f$%king bucks.

A 10-year-old boy has been arrested and charged with the assault. Two younger children took part in the the attack, but they can't charged under Pennsylvania state law because they're under the age of ten:
Dao, who saw Tran after the attack, said that she had been beaten by the boys with sticks (one boy used one to stab her in the stomach), the rope and a plunger. One boy threw a potted plant from the lawn into Tran's face, bloodying her nose. They yelled at her, " ‘Where's the money?' " said Dao. They opened all her drawers and stole her purse, which had $20. "Her face was swollen. She had bruises on her face and neck," Dao said.
The 10-year-old boy is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, conspiracy, criminal trespassing, theft, reckless endangering of another person, robbery and burglary. I can't understand it. More here: After troubled life, woman survives vicious attack by 3 pre-teen boys.

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