"no indians or asians please."

Well, you have to at least hand to them for just coming out and saying it: 'No Indians, Asians' job advertisement causes outrage.

This shameless little bit of racism comes to us from Australia, where someone posted an online job ad seeking cleaners for a Coles Supermarket. But they made it very clear that Asians need not apply: "no indians or asians please. MUST SPEAK ENGLISH." Well, at least it said "please."

Coles claims the ad was placed by a sub-contractor:
Coles, Australia's second-biggest chain, said the advert was posted by a sub-contractor who was no longer connected to the company.

The firm said the advert had been placed without its knowledge,

"We were extremely concerned to learn of the ad and its contents," Coles spokesman Jim Cooper told the Hobart Mercury.

"Coles is a proud, equal-opportunity employer and at no time have we ever issued the directives contained in this ad. We have made these points in no uncertain terms to the cleaning contractors in question."
That's racist! Whether it was Coles or a contractor, somebody out there definitely doesn't want "Indians or Asians" around. And somebody needs to get fired. Officials are reportedly launching an inquiry into the ad. More here: Anger over Australian supermarket 'no Indians' job ad.

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