not missing: asian tourist joins search party... for herself

This is funny story out of Iceland, about a woman who participated in a search for a missing tourist... only to realize that she was the person everybody was looking for: Woman Takes Part In Search For Herself.

On Saturday, a woman described as "Asian, about 160cm, in dark clothing and speaks English well" was declared missing from a tour bus in the vicinity of Eldgjá, launching an intense police search. Turns out, it was all mix up over her clothing. Change your sweater, apparently, and no one will recognize you:
The search went on throughout the weekend, with no sign of the woman found. However, yesterday morning, she was reported found - and had no idea she was missing in the first place.

This was apparently the result of a misunderstanding regarding her appearance. While it was initially reported that she had stepped off the bus at Eldgjá and never returned, in fact she changed clothing before getting back on the bus.

To make matters more surreal, she had even taken part in the search, without realising at first that she was the one people were looking for. Eventually, it occurred to her that she could very well be the "missing person" being described, and reported the matter to the police. The search was called off shortly thereafter.
Oops. There's an all-Asians-look-alike joke in there somewhere. More here: Tourist in Iceland Spends Weekend ‘Finding Herself’ (Literally. She Thought She Was Looking for a Missing Person.)

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