grace meng's opponent calls her "sympathetic to china"

Things are getting nasty in New York's 6th congressional district, where Republican City Councilman and Congressional candidate Dan Halloran has been blasting his Democratic opponent, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, accusing her of having dual citizenship and being "sympathetic to China": Queens Congress race gets nasty - and racial.

Yup. Straight out of the dirty political playbook everyone's so fond of lately. When all else fails, invoke the ominous threat of China, and do or say everything possible to suggest that your opponent is kissing China's ass. And of course, if your opponent happens to be Chinese American, it makes the slander so much easier:
Meng “has been sympathetic to the Chinese, and she’s touted her strong Chinese history as being the reason she’s the appropriate candidate to represent the Chinese people in New York,” Halloran said an interview with The Times of Israel.

Halloran described himself as a candidate who reaches out to all ethnic groups and called the Queens-born Meng a “Chinese National” in the interview and suggested she has dual citizenship.

Meng, in fact, does not have dual citizenship.
Keep it classy, Dan Halloran.

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