public interest projects establishes fund for dreamers

As you know, the Department of Homeland Security recently began accepting applications from certain undocumented youth and childhood arrivals seeking deferred action.

This is good news for many DREAMers, but the process requires applicants to clear some considerable hurdles, including a hefty $465 application fee.

In an effort to make sure no qualified applicant is deterred by a lack of funds, Public Interest Projects has established the Fund for DREAMers, which will assist elegible young people, particularly low-income individuals, offset the $465 application fee:
Working through on-the-ground advocacy and legal service providers, the Fund for DREAMers will assist eligible young people, particularly low-income individuals, to defray the $465 application fees. The goal is to maximize the number of successful applicants by ensuring that qualified, low-income young immigrants are not deterred by their inability to pay the application fee. Funds will be dispersed to vetted local groups via a rigorous allocation process.

As DREAMers all over the country today submit their requests for Deferred Action, Public Interest Projects is launching the Fund for DREAMers, a national fundraising effort to support them. Recognizing that the application fee of $465 may be prohibitive for some applicants, a committed group of immigrant rights advocates and donors urged Public Interest Projects to create a fund to help offset these fees. It is estimated that more than one million young people, brought to the U.S. as children by their parents, may be eligible for Deferred Action.
This is cool, and it would be even cooler if you could help out. The Fund for DREAMers encourages individual donors, families, groups and charitable institutions to support young immigrants to pursue their dreams and contribute to our country’s future by donating to the Fund.

For further information about the Fund for DREAMers, and to make a donation, go to the Public Interest Projects website here.

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