research survey: impact of discrimination on asian american lgb persons

I recently heard from Brittany Sievers, a research assistant with Dr. Frances Shen at the University of Illinois Springfield. They are conducting a research study on the impact of discrimination on Asian American LGB persons, and are looking for eligible folks to fill out an online survey.

The hope is that this research will go towards increasing awareness of the experiences and needs of the Asian American LGB community. Here's some more information about the survey:
This research is being conducted by Rebecca Goldsborough and Dr. Frances Shen of the Psychology Department at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The main purpose of this research is to better understand the impact of discrimination on the well being of Asian American LGB persons. This consent form will provide information about this research study. Should you choose to participate in this research, you will be asked to click the “continue” button below to indicate that you have read this form, understand the nature of this research as described, and consent to participation in this research.

You can participate in this research if: (1) you are between the ages of 18 and 80, (2) you identify as Asian American, and (3) you identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual in sexual orientation.

This research will consist of a survey that will last approximately 30-40 minutes. As part of this research, you will be asked several questions about your experiences with discrimination, your cultural values and perspectives, and yours and others’ attitudes towards homosexuality. The survey can be completed online on a computer at a location of your choice.
Participants who complete the survey can enter into a lottery drawing to win one of four $25 gift certificates or one of four $50 gift certificates. For further information about the study, and to take the survey, go here.

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