short film casting call: hypebeasts

Got this casting call passed along to me for a short film shooting in New York called Hypebeasts. It's about a sneakerhead who gets into some trouble when he'll do anything for the latest pair of coveted Air Jordans.

The story sounds kind of cool, and they're looking for a diverse cast of characters, including several lead roles for young Asian American actors. Here's the breakdown with more details:
Short Film
SAG New Media Contract
New York, NY

Producer: Laboratory NYC / Gigi Dement (Producer for 2011 Oscar winning short "God of Love")
Writer/Director: Jessica dela Merced
Advisor: Spike Lee
DP: Matthew Mendelson
Production Designer: Carmen Cardenas (Sundance winner, Tribeca official selection)

Shooting Location: NYC
Auditions/Callbacks: September 2012
Shoot Dates: October 13-24, 2012
Rate: up to $100/day

EMAIL hype@decasting.com
Subject: HYPEBEASTS casting [ROLE]
Send a recent picture and resume/overview of experience.

SYNOPSIS: Air Jordan XXIV, the most coveted new sneaker, goes on sale at 8am. Sneakerheads across the country are camping out overnight to get them. Ronny, a young Filipino-American and die-hard sneakerhead, has been dreaming of these shoes for months, but his quest to get in line is hindered when a fast food cashier's racist joke offends his sister, Justine. Ronny's night takes a turn for the worst when, after choosing to ignore the slur, he is cut in the sneaker line by the same cashier. Racial tensions among the sneakerheads intensify when Ronny decides to finally speak up. What begins as a small argument soon escalates into a riot involving the entire sneaker line, and Ronny's fear of not getting his beloved Jordans is quickly replaced with the fear that he and Justine are in serious danger.


[RONNY] early 20s Filipino-American male. Cool, confident, composed, with great style. Wants these pair of Air Jordans so badly that he will do (or won't do) anything for them. LEAD

[JUSTINE] 18-early 20s Filipino-American female. Outspoken, witty, sometimes self-righteous, and prone to always doing the right thing. LEAD

[DANNY] early 20s Asian-American male. A true sneakerhead. He flaunts the money he makes off of selling sneakers on e-Bay. A wise-crack, though insecure. LEAD

[EDDIE] early 20s Black male. Cashier at fast food joint. Leader of his friends, though very impressionable. Sore about his place in life and tries to act tougher than he really is. LEAD

[MIKE] early 20s Latin-American male. Cashier at fast food joint. Immature, insincere, and intimidating. Hilarious, but only to himself. LEAD

[ELENA] late teens Latin-American female. Must be over 18. Smart but bad-tempered, and nasty if provoked. Queen Bee. Sassy and confident. LEAD

[JEROME] mid 30s Black male. Manager of the shoe store. Stylish and obsessed with image. Cares more about the money than the customer. SUPPORTING

[FRANK] late 30s – early 40s male. Security Guard at shoe store. Too old for these shenanigans. Open to all ethnicities. SUPPORTING

[KELLY] late teens Black female. One of Elena's followers. Awkward and not sure she fits in with Elena's crowd. Hides behind her ever-present lollipop. Must be over 18. SUPPORTING

[BRIAN] late teens Latin-American male. Elena's flamboyant sidekick, although easily intimidated by his Queen. Works at Forever21 and owns it. Must be over 18. SUPPORTING

[SAM] 20s Caucasian male. Wannabe thug, easily excitable sneakerhead. Think Seth Green from CAN'T HARDLY WAIT. SUPPORTING

[RAY] 18-20 year old Black male. Skater boy and die-hard sneakerhead. Willing to fight for those shoes. SUPPORTING

[DIANE] 50s-60s female. Upper East Side lady, quite confused by the sneakerheads. Condescending to those waiting in line. SUPPORTING

[AL] 30s-50s Middle Eastern male. Owns the bodega near the shoe store. Always quick to goof on these silly sneakerheads. SUPPORTING

[CRAIG] 20s-40s Caucasian male. Occupy Wall Street dude. An oddball amongst the sneakerhead crowd. Dreadlocks a plus! SUPPORTING

[PAUL] 30s-40s male. Police officer sent to patrol the shoe store. Ready to break up any potential fights. Open to all ethnicities. SUPPORTING
If this sounds, and you want to submit, then follow the directions and do so.

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