the potstickers: a funny web series about high school

All right, this has been out for a while, but I just binged and watched all the episodes of The Potstickers. Written and directed by Zac Wong, it's a comedy web series about a group of teenagers trying to survive high school.

It's a little rough, and some of it's just plain awkward, but there are some laugh-out-loud moments and gem performances (the guy who plays Broyce is particularly hilarious) that make it worth a look.

Here are all four episodes of the first season:

The POTSTICKERS: Episode 1

The Potstickers: Episode 2

The Potstickers: Episode 3

The Potstickers: Episode 4

Cliffhanger! Hope to see more of this series. Oh, and for more Broyce, check out the "Broycisms" on The Potstickers YouTube channel. For further information about the series, follow updates on The Potstickers Facebook page.

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