wtf: "turban primer"

If there is anything positive to find in the aftermath of the Oak Creek shooting tragedy, it's perhaps the spotlight on the Sikh faith, which many in America remain ridiculously ignorant about. Let's hope this can be an opportunity for further understanding. That said...

Maybe whoever created this graphic thought they were being helpful. I don't know. But really, this "turban primer," which appeared in Chicago's RedEye, is friggin' idiotic. Are we seriously playing a game of name-that-headwear? Yes, it's your handy guide to distinguishing turbaned friends from terrorists.

The graphic has been aptly compared to this World War II-era image:

Not kidding, this is a real feature from the December 1941 issue of Life Magazine. Oh, you think that's bad? Try this very real U.S. Army/Navy education comic strip from 1942: How to Spot a Jap.

So are we really doing this again?

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