monsters calling home get their big break on jimmy kimmel, courtesy of honda

Man. I am reeling from Monsters Calling Home's amazing, game-changing performance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Yes, this up-and-coming itty-bitty indie band of church kids rocking out on a national television.

How the heck did they get there? It all started with this video, "Fight to Keep," which the band shot, recorded and performed inside their Hondas:

The folks at Honda liked it so much, they invited Monsters Calling Home to play a concert for a large group of company executives... and nobody showed up. But the whole thing was actually a ruse to surprise the band as part of the "Honda Loves You Back" campaign. The real gig: an invitation to be the special musical guest Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here's how it all unfolded:

How you can you not love these guys? Here's the full Kimmel performance:

AWESOME, RIGHT? They totally smashed this gig. Also watch their fantastic performance of "Monsters Calling Home."

Having followed these guys as a fan from the get-go, this couldn't have happened to a more deserving band. Congratulations! I hope their phones are ringing off the hook. For more information on Monsters Calling Home and their music, check out the band's website here.

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