my favorite awesome asian bad guy

All right. Coming at you with another update on the Kickstarter campaign for National Film Society's upcoming web series project, Awesome Asian Bad Guys. We've got a hefty, ambitious goal of $50,000, so it's my duty as executive producer to make these pleas for your pledges.

And so... here's National Film Society's latest video featuring me, talking about my favorite Awesome Asian Bad Guy and throwing down some cash on the spot to help make this Awesome Asian Dream an Awesome Asian Reality:

Let me break it down for you: we still need to raise a lot of money by October 12. So far, we're about a fifth of the way there, but if we don't meet our goal by the deadline, we get nothing. That would suck.

For more information on Awesome Asian Bad Guys, and to make a pledge, head over to Kickstarter here. For more on National Film Society, and to see their other videos, check out the NFS website here.

The National Film Society has assembled a pretty darn great team to make this happen, and I really believe in this project. It's going to be a lot of fun. If this sounds cool to you, please consider making a pledge. Thanks.

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