Punched "Me Love You Long Time" comedian speaks out

Star of the smackdown heard around the 'net.

Standup comedian Brett Eidman, now best known as the guy who got punched out on stage for doing his dumbass "me love you long time" Asian schtick, is no doubt feeling the negative effects of his notoriety, and appears in this interview in order to clear things up about his act and what went down in the video, aka the smackdown heard around the 'net:

He does seem genuinely sorry, though not necessarily for the right reasons. Yeah, dude. I get that you were doing Tom Vu schtick. And yes, that shit is twenty years old. I can't believe it took you this long to realize how stale and racist (and not even remotely funny) that impression is.

It literally took a punch to the face for this guy to realize this.

Nowhere in this eleven-minute interview does Eidman address his comments towards Rachel and George. Yes, the first part is his unfunny, hack-ass 20-year-old Tom Vu stuff. But when he needles in on the Asian audience members, he switches it up with some "me love you long time" bullshit. If he didn't realize this was out of line before, he certainly does now.

There you have it. The apology of a sorry-ass comedian. Take it or leave it. I really do hope that assbeating knocked some sense into this guy. Oh, and by the way, if anyone out there knows Rachel and/or George, I would still like to hear their side of what went down. (Thanks, Alejandro.)

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