help bring susie ko's killer to justice

The family members are of Northern California murder victim are asking for the public's help... Police in Hercules, CA are investigating the death of Susie Ko, wife and mother of four children, who was found dead in her home Friday night: Police investigate death of Hercules woman as homicide.

Her homicide is still unsolved, and police are looking for any kind of new leads. The family car was stolen from Susie Ko's home around 10:00pm that evening and has not been located. Her loved ones are asking for help finding the car, a sky blue 2011 Subaru Outback with an Idaho license plate.

Here are some more details:
Homicide in Hercules, CA. Find this car!

Please contact Call 911 or 510-724-1111 to alert the police.

To contact the Ko family please call 415-3HELP99 (415-343-5799)

We need leads on our mother’s homicide that happened Friday, October 5th, 2012 in Hercules, California around 10pm. She was supposed to pick up our Dad from the airport that evening, but never showed up. Worried that something might have happened, my Dad called our neighbor to check on her. They found her inside the house, already deceased. The family car was missing from the garage, and still has not been located.

Car Model: 2011 Subaru Outback
Color: Sky Blue
Idaho License Plate: 1A1F680

Police have given guidance that if you do see a sky blue Subaru Outback, follow the car to confirm the licence plate so we can weed out false sightings. We are also interested in sightings of the car without plates.
It's horrible and heartbreaking. My condolences go out to Susie Ko's family. Help bring her killer to justice! For further information and updates on the case, go to this website: We Love Susie Ko. They're also asking folks to spread the word about the homicide and missing car through Facebook.

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